Inspiring Clients

We are honoured to help empowered business owners create positive change in our communities.


Alpha Fitness and Performance

Client | Jason Burgess
Location | Canberra Australia

Website design | Logo design
Tech support | Business strategy

Annika Yoga

Client | Annika Dash
Location | Canberra Australia

Website design | Tech support
Business strategey

The website PJ created was one of the best things that’s happened to my business. The seamless design and flow really brought professionalism to my business, it’s made my idea become reality! I have become much more confident with dealing with the business side of things, PJ makes you think about things on a deeper level. I highly recommend her.”

“PJ helped me to conceptualise the direction I wanted my business to go in and produced a beautiful website I am so happy with. I am not very technically minded but PJ’s guidance makes navigating the web so much easier! I now have complete control over my content but PJ continues to provide me with technical support. I highly recommend PJ to anyone looking to have a professional website built.” 

– Annika Dash,  Annika Yoga

The Olive Bridge

Client | Elisabeth Wightman
Location | Melbourne Australia

Website design | Tech support
Business strategey

“PJ unconditionally gives her 100%, consistently producing more than I ask for. I am supported, encouraged and empowered, we have fun as a team to create my vision. I enjoy creating my vision and watching it unfold. Due to how effortlessly the whole process unfolded, PJ remains as the go to person for all my web presence. What I need gets done in a cost effective, timely manner allowing me to relax knowing the results are of a high quality.”

– Elisabeth Wightman,  Olive Bridge

Working with PJ has been an incredibly positive, self-affirming activity. After each consultation, I feel nurtured, inspired and exhilarated.  The real beauty of her support is that it’s so tailored to where I am in my journey. I didn’t think I was ready but the work we’ve done together has moved me further along than I ever hoped for. Big thanks!”

– Katrina Hinton, Canberra Yoga and Somatics

Seasonal Yoga Treats

Client | Cate Peterson
Location | Sydney Australia

Online Marketing + Tech Support

Oh PJ, In all these years of business I have never reached out to ask someone to do what you have done. To have someone else beating the drum for me! This is a really truly amazing result, I cannot thank you enough for putting in the work. I love your efficiency, it’s so refreshing!”

– Cate Peterson, Seasonal Yoga Treats

PJ has given me the courage to advance my business and create a service that is authentic and manageable for me. Our sessions are informative, fun and leaves me motivated and inspired.”

– Angela Thurston, Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage

South East Yoga and Wellbeing

Client | Nic Russell
Location | Melbourne Australia

Logo Design
Business + Marketing Strategy

I love how PJ presents everything in an organised, categorised method that makes it so much easier to stay on top of your goals and tasks. You feel like you are always achieving and moving one bit closer to your own success. The whole process and each step has brought me closer to clarity and achievement.”

“Hiring PJ is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. There are so many things to do in running a company that having her take care of web presence and tech support has allowed me to focus more on what I love to do. I highly recommend PJ, because she excels in the work you don’t want to do, so you have access to do more of the work you actually LOVE and want to do.”

– Rita Joyan,  Unbox Your Gift

Yoga Biz Coach

Location | Canberra Australia

Web design | Podcast production
Online marketing

Unbox Your Gift

Client | Rita Joyan
Location | Canberra Australia

Web presence + Tech support

Women in Wellbeing

Location | Canberra Australia

Website design | Podcast production

Simplicity Retreats

Location | Canberra Australia

Website design | Online marketing